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04 December 01:58pm #1
ojbest  ojbest
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Hello everyone, truly Wapka is gone and it effects many wapmasters because it's the best wapbuilder in the world. Not only that, wapka served wapmasters for good 10 years without displaying banner Ads not even pop-up nor pop-under for once.... Her good deed will forever remain in our memory because it helped many wapmasters who can not afford paid host for WordPress. Now #Wapkiz is the one and only alternative to wapka though we have other sites like xtgem, wapkw, vmwap but Wapkiz still have more functions than those mentioned above. But one thing is killing Wapkiz.com wapbuilder which is their Ads am not saying they should not display Ads but I suggest it should be Text Ads like wapka because no visitor will return to your site when he/she is frustrated with the Wapkiz pop under and big banner Ads...and again wapmaster like me can not place another Ads on my site with that Wapkiz bottom Ads. I have one of the best website on Wapkiz but I left it because of the Ads. you can check it yourself via (http://dsky.Wapkiz.com) it was named (skywap.ga) I have unparked the domain. I can make trick to remove the Ads from my site but i don't want to cheat....so Please I want you to look into this suggestion and reduce the size of the ads or even change it to text Ads like that of wapka PLEASE ! Many wapmasters are willing to create site on Wapkiz but your Ads won't allow them. Thanks for understanding! #PEACE !!
Thanks: najmulbd,
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