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down¿site-users? PLEASE, HELP
08 January 07:12pm #1
Arandinavia  Arandinavia
Post: 14
Hi, mi wap site, is in spanish, in mi language natural: www.descargasmoviles.tk
Mi answer is of the users site, How can I place a button from which a private message can be sent to users? what is the html code? or what is the label? because I do not get it
08 January 09:07pm #2
grandybigs  grandybigs
Post: 7
that feature is not currently in wapkiz
09 January 01:51am #3
Arandinavia  Arandinavia
Post: 14
Hoooo very bad... remember who wapka. Mi site in wapka yes!
Thanks: grandybigs,
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